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Our book editing services offer non-fiction and fiction manuscript editorial services for new writers as well as authors with publishing / self-publishing experience. 

​Once you have written your manuscript, whether that be a fiction novel, memoir, non-fiction book, children’s book or any other genre, my professional book editing services can help to ensure your finalised and published book becomes a reality.

Development Editing

A developmental edit looks at the structure, story, pacing, continuity, characterisation, intent, and direction of your work. This is the most thorough of our services, and includes:

  • All that is covered in a line-edit (below) and documented through ‘track changes’ on MS Word

  • Fact and quote checking

  • Detailed comments on characters, place, setting, and style

  • A 4-6 page report on your work with clear, actionable points

  • An hour long discussion can be arranged post-edit

This is highly recommended for writers who are in the early stages of drafting your work, who need help getting the best out of your story before focusing on the grammatical nitty-gritty.

Line Editing

A line edit provides a thorough, line-by-line edit focuses on the style and the quality of writing, without looking at the overal story elements.  My preference is to do this with track changes on a Word document.

A line edit would include:

  • Correction of spelling, punctuation and grammar

  • Detailed continuity checks

  • Checking readability, whether your writing is active and dynamic

  • Tone and Syntax

  • Check of quotations and consistency-checking reference systems for academic works

  • A style guide

A line edit does not cover rewriting or extensive re-drafting. This is suited if you have been through several drafts and feel that your manuscript is nearly ready.

There is an assumed emphasis on respecting the author's style, which will be discussed before work is taken on.  For example, if a piece is written in the mode of stream of consciousness, the grammar check would be more relaxed. 

As a line edit takes longer, this kind of work will fall at the top of my price range.


The proofreading process ensures your manuscript is ready for publication by removing any errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation as well as checking inconsistencies in vocabulary use and formatting, etc. This is the essential last step in the revision process – a quality assurance – to make sure your book, novel or short story is error-free before it is self-published, submitted to a publisher/agent or printed.

See our proofreading checklist below for the features of this service:

  • Spelling mistakes and typos

  • Punctuation errors

  • Grammar errors

  • Consistency of tense

  • Subject–verb agreement

  • Capitalisation and hyphenation errors

  • Dialogue punctuation and formatting (when required)

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