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A Typical Day

Morning Workshops

Afternoon Free Time or Choice of Activities

Optional 'Taste of Abruzzo' excursions 

Evening Q&A with authors


Location & Facilities

Casa delle Rondinelle 

(House of Swallows) is 2km along a quiet hillside track 10 minutes from Castiglione Messer Raimondo/ Bisenti. Colle Paradiso is a  B&B farmhouse located a short walk away for additional guests.

 Fly into Pescara or Rome airports

Image by Gabrielle Henderson

Who We Are

 Wendy Ridolini - Wendy is the editor of Sunflower Publishing (UK & Italy). She is also the book editor for style magazine 'Italy Inside and Out.' She is a book blogger and book reviewer for Abruzzissimo and Luca News online magazines


Amy Scott -  Amy is the founder of Scott Editorial. She is a published author with a Master's degree in Creative & Critical Writing and a BA in English Literature. 

More about Amy can be found at her  her website HERE


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