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Self-publishing refers to an author completing the entire publishing process on their own or with their own resources. This is done without the help of a traditional publisher or publishing company.

Whether you’re writing a novel, short story collection, or nonfiction book, the self-publishing method offers you maximum creative control and the ability to pocket a greater share of the profits. 

DIY Self-Publishing

  • Choose a book size

  • Finalise your layout and typesetting

  • Organise your ISBN

  • Protect your copyright

  • Compile your prelims

  • Create your cover

  • Create an e-book version


  • Launch/upload your book to online platforms such as KDP and Ingram Spark

  • Create your author platform

  • Social media marketing

  • Blogging

  • Virtual booktours

  • podcasts/webcasts

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Tailor Made Marketing Strategy Just FOR YOU!

  • 60 Minutes 'Marketing and Promoting Your Book' Zoom call  £75

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  • Do you need more book reviews?

  • Do you want more book bloggers or a book blog tour? 

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